Thank you for booking Cheryl Martin for your event.

Here are some items and information that should be helpful for both of us in ensuring the success of your program.

Feel free to pull information from the Biography and/or Career Highlights for Cheryl’s introduction. Because of the wide variety of groups requesting or needing biographical information, it is more extensive than most groups require.

Cheryl prefers that you select what is most relevant to your group or choose the most relevant information and that the entire biography NOT be read when introducing her at the event. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Cheryl requests a cordless lavaliere mic (if possible)

Normally 1-2 volunteers are requested to assist with sales at the resource table. We request a 5 to 10 minute pre-event meeting with all volunteers.

If products are shipped prior to meetings, all boxes should remain secured and unopened until arrival of the coordinator.

All material presented is copyrighted. No part of Cheryl Martin’s presentation may be recorded, by any method, for any reason, without her express approval prior to the event. Please download, sign, and submit the Audio/Videotaping agreement in a timely manner.